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Track Review: Everyone Else // Kylie Rothfield

It’s simple really, Kylie Rothfield is fiery, dynamic and fearsome without being aggressive or blunt in any way. Described by Alicia Keys as “a blossoming, powerful flower with so much heart”, Kylie is clearly something to be reckoned with, or at least that’s what Alicia Keys fans will think. Even without the kind words from Keys, the US-based multi-instrumentalist has featured on ABC, NBC, MTV and E! Network. She has also appeared on Bustle, Billboard and Rolling Stone building a reputation for engaging and intimate performances. We have the honour of presenting you with one of her latest releases ‘Everyone Else’.

When describing ‘Everyone Else’, Kylie explains that it looks at “growing up and watching all your friends becoming adults while you are still hell-bent on becoming a rock star…” It’s true she had a giggle after sharing that line, but the lyricism points to it being far more serious than a shrugged-off description. Penned and recorded during Covid-19 lockdown, a time of uncertainty when we really start to mull over things, ‘Everyone Else’ is an exposition of human fragility at its core.

Influenced by John Mayer, Emily King, Natalie Clark and Adele, Kylie adopts a heartfelt tenderness in her evocative single. Reminiscent of Adele with her moving vocals, Kylie seems to tosses you a swirl of sound that can either hurt you or comfort you. Along with a hazy ambience, the track exudes vulnerability, isolation and despair in its melody and vocals. However, there is a harmonic balance between melancholy and insight that informs and empowers the listener…if you look at it in the right way.

Many adults nowadays don’t adhere to the stereotypical “plan” of growing up, but then there are many who do. Falling into the former category, I find this song very relevant to my life. One may assume it is all independence and party-times, but there is nostalgic darkness to being isolated or left behind. Kylie Rothfield sheds light on this situation and connects with people like me in a sincere, sentimental and genuine way in ‘Everyone Else’. I’m not ashamed to say it had me in tears.

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