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Track Review: Everything We Had // Koalra

If Sonic Youth and The Cure were to have a lovechild, the chances are Koalra would be it. Bringing old-school post-punk to the 21st century, the quartet are ambassadors of a synth-based sound almost lost to new audiences. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Clunk and Find No Enemy, Koalra is reaching people across the globe. Come with us as we delve into one of their latest singles, ‘Everything We Have’.

Described by Find No Enemy as a “…cacophonic, euphoric, and melodic experimental extravaganza…”, Koalra are certainly unique as a group. Their obscurity may lie in the contemporary edginess they bring to old-school sounds; however, the melodic arrangements highlight a sophistication far beyond this. Part of their double-sided single The Fires Burned, ‘Everything We Had’ is a ten-minute (give or take) stream of hard-hitting music. Reaching out into the kaleidoscopic soundscape, ‘Everything We Had’ is an obscure cinematic gem.

What I find intriguing about this track is the incorporation of various genres in a single song. The movements range from post-punk to indie-rock with a strong industrial feel in the experimental ‘Everything We Had’. Yet, while the melody itself is hypnotic, the lads demonstrate the true depth of artistry in the poetic lyricism.

Never ones to turn away from social and political concerns, Koalra are known for existential concepts in their music. Dipping into the world of krautrock, noise rock and post-punk, the foursome explores the consequences of living in a “burning world” in ‘Everything We Had’. Looking at the difficulties of an uncertain society, their multi-faceted track connects with audiences on a personal level. Captivating, intimate and filled with profoundness, Koalra, once again, ensnare your senses with their intriguing music.

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