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Track Review: Fade Away // Vickie Davies

Bringing together elements of jazz, soul, electronica, R&B and classical music, US-based Vickie Davies is breaking boundaries with her unique sound. Known for her originality, intimacy and eclecticism, this singer-songwriter tosses you into a whirlpool of music with every single. A relative newbie on the music scene with only two songs to her name, Vickie Davies is a minnow in an ocean of sharks. Despite this, she is already turning heads on an international level receiving coverage from Please Pass The Indie, Indie Top 39, and various playlists. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Fade Away’.

Following her debut track ‘Essence of You’, Vickie Davies sends chills down your spine with her wistful single ‘Fade Away’. Moving in a simplistic soundscape, ‘Fade Away’ is a few minutes of ethereal piano-driven music coupled with sincere vocals. Soothing, soft and flowing, Vickie charms you with the tender, albeit melancholic, tune. The thing is, while the melody is poignant and sensitive, it is the lyricism that enhances the intimacy between singer and listener.

Recorded in her home studio, ‘Fade Away’ has a sombre sensation highlighting its desperate theme. Inspired by her own experiences of depression, ‘Fade Away’ acts as a sonic representation of depression at its worst. Its melody effortlessly captures how one can become overwhelmed with reality, feelings of losing your mind and a dire need for help. Unfortunately, many people with depression do not seek help and flounder in isolation, but Vickie chose to use music as a catharsis to deal with her self-deprecating thoughts. Intimate and personal, ‘Fade Away’ explores the intricacies of the human soul in a delicate and elegant way.

“We sometimes suffer quietly and never reach out for help until it’s too late. I wrote this song because I genuinely thought I was losing my mind… I felt like I was slowly dying inside, and I felt I had no purpose in life. So, I wrote ‘Fade Away’ on the days I felt like getting up. I still have good and bad days, but I can now tell those self-deprecating thoughts to shut up.” – Vickie Davies on ‘Fade Away’

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