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Track Review: Fake What Your Mama Gave Ya // YNES

YNES has impressed me a lot over the last year because all of her songs have been on repeat constantly. Her brutally honest lyrics speak to loads of people and tell tales of drunken nights out and empowerment.

These are very important topics, delivered alongside some angsty grunge. Her new song “Fake What Your Mamma Gave Ya” targets anyone who isn’t living their authentic selves and tries to fit in to a point where they might lose themselves. It is very honest and gives a sense of empowerment to the listener. It talks about the detrimental effects of social media. I think that the last lyric “you should just be open and fake what your mama gave ya” sums everything up. It says you should be your authentic self without worrying about what anyone thinks of you. It’s a very good song with an addictive riff that brings out its character.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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