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Track Review: Fall // Carley Varley

Inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, UK-based singer-songwriter Carley Varley’s sound is super sweet while still having a cutting edginess. Fast becoming one of the more exciting new artists in the UK, Carley uses emotive lyrics and melodies to speak with her audiences. We have already sung her praises in our review of her song ‘Miss Me?’, but we are not the only ones telling everyone else how amazing her music is. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Our Sound Music and many more blogs, Carley is quickly building an international following. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Fall’.

Reflective and nostalgic, Carley Varley increases the intense intimacy of her work in ‘Fall’. Heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, ‘Fall’ looks at relationships and the consequences of feeling the way we do. She shares that this new song is “about not wanting to fall in love after a summer romance, but the writer finds themselves in love by autumn/fall.” It is this deep sentimentality in such relatable topics that make Carley’s songs sincere, tender and engaging.

Following the poppy singles ‘Miss Me?’ and ‘Going Under’, ‘Fall’ adopts a softer, smoother and more flowing ballad style. One thing I truly adore about this song is how the melodic arrangement enhances the emotion behind the theme of relationships. The simplistic piano really emphasises the raw honesty of the reflective lyricism, while Carley’s charming vocals give the song a “human touch”. I suppose it could be called an intense intimacy with tinges of frustration, confusion and melancholic wondering within the song’s tender execution.

Reminding me greatly of Hayley Williams in Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’, Carley Varley’s vocals are spine-chilling while still radiating a degree of warmth. Powerful, anthemic and intoxicating, I am once again hypnotised by Carley’s music. I cannot wait for more!

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