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Track Review Far Way // Flowvers

They say some of the best projects are borne with friends and earlier in life. Alright, I’m not so sure how true this saying is but it is evident in the UK-based group Flowvers. After meeting in the school years, Matisse Moretti (vocalist), Stan Powell (guitars), Henry Wood (bass) and Connor Griffiths (drums) merged their diverse musical tastes to create this indie band. Influenced by a plethora of sounds, Flowvers brings together elements of post-punk, alternative rock, shoegaze, dream-pop and new wave. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Far Away’.

Following their EP The Old Chapel Demos, ‘Far Away’ nods greatly to the sound of 90s indie-rock with a whiff of 80s post-punk. While there is an old-school vibe to their music, the lads are unique as they bring a contemporary flair to their unique tracks. Combining pounding drums, powerful guitars and Matisse’s bold vocals, ‘Far Away’ is kaleidoscopic with a hard-hitting melody within the swirl of sound. Think raw passion with beautiful arrangments and instrumentation, and you’ll have an idea of what we’re dealing with.

While I do sometimes compare bands to more established acts it is impossible to compare Flowvers to anyone. Why? The straight fact is they are inimitable, original and authentic in their sound. ‘Far Away’ is flowing but in a rather intense and intimate way. Written over a couple of years, ‘Far Away’ is a single that morphed over the years into a captivating tune. Flowvers share that the track talks “…about angst, a recurrent theme in our songs. Lines like “take me so far away” captured the feeling of a lockdown where one may have felt like they had nowhere to go.”

Taking the depth of the lyricism and poignancy of the song’s message, it makes sense that ‘Far Away’ is a sonic punch in the face. With the rock-inspired melody alone, Flowvers enter your brain, reverberate down your spine and leave you gasping for breath with ‘Far Away’.

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