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Track Review: Fat Trout Trailer Park // Wendigo

I don’t normally like seeing bands break up, but if his previous band had lasted we might not know about Fat Trout Trailer Park. The moniker of Belgian alternative rock artist Sean Raab, Fat Trout Trailer Park is the 21st-century version of 1980s post-punk. After discussing his last single ‘Fatberg’ in one of our interviews, we have the chance to review his new single ‘Wendigo’.

Drawing on an interest in 1980s pop and post-punk, ‘Wendigo’ is an innovative, synth-laden track combining genres without actually blending them. That doesn’t make sense, does it? Let me explain. The opening of the track is reminiscent of simple, sincere acoustic pop; however, about one minute in, there is a layering of distorted instrumentation to move into the post-punk sound. Once you become used to the swirling confusion, Fat Trout Trailer Park brings you back to simple lyrics and a simple sound.

‘Wendigo’ is a highly introspective track with Raab exploring not only his psyche but the human condition on an existential level. Using a Jekyll and Hyde-esque narrative, the track looks at the issue of bi-polarity and the elements involved in dealing with this challenging mental health condition. The changes in temperament and mood are emphasised by the shift between different styles and sounds. It’s a case of the music complementing and enhancing the concept. Reminiscent of The Cure, Fat Trout Trailer Park creates a swirling mystical ambience with the entrancing ‘Wendigo’.

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