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Track Review: Fear // Brendon Moon

Drawing together elements of post-punk with a contemporary dream-pop edge, Australian singer-songwriter Brendon Moon has a surreal sound for the masses. Almost two years since his well-received debut album, this naturally talented artist is building a loyal following on an international scale. Actually, he hypnotises the audience with his ethereal melodies, and you have no choice but to keep him on repeat. Turning the heads of several curators, Brendon has been featured on Obscure Sound and various playlists. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Fear’.

As I mentioned above, almost two years after his self-titled debut album, Brendon Moon is back with a highly evocative track. As with his previous material, there is a dreamy haze flowing through the melody; however, ‘Fear’ adopts a heavier rock-influenced sound. The combination of dynamic guitar and pounding drums introduces a modern alternative rock quality to the track. I am particularly impressed with the guitar solo inserting a hard, grungy edginess to the single.

Bringing a new style to his distinctive sound, Brendon Moon showcases his innovativeness and eclecticism as an artist. Regardless of the song you are listening to, Brendon’s kaleidoscopic sonic swirl engulfs you leaving you breathless while twirling about to the melody. In ‘Fear’, however, there is another element that sends chills down your spine while leaving you twirling about to the melody. His androgynous vocals are warm and rich wrapping you in a gossamer blanket of tenderness.

“After coming out of the deepest part of my struggles and eventually through to the other side, I learned a lot about myself. I realised that facing the struggle was what I needed to do in order to understand the distortion it had created.” – Brendon Moon on ‘Fear’

Raw and brutally honest with overwhelming sincerity, ‘Fear’ explores human vulnerability in its fragile and delicate style. I can’t wait to see what else Brendon Moon has in store for us.

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