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Track Review: Fears of Letting Go // Evin

Drawing together the sounds of old-school 80s pop with a contemporary pop tinge, Irish singer-songwriter Evin brings a unique, eclectic sound to the masses. After being introduced to Thin Lizzy by his father, Evin discovered a passion for music and is pursuing this relentlessly. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, YMX, Less Than 1000 Followers and several playlists, this new artist is reaching audiences on an international level. We take a look at his latest release ‘Fears of Letting Go’.

The first single from his upcoming EP Good Morning World, ‘Fears of Letting Go’ adopts a smoother, more soulful and sassier sound than the previous pop-inspired ‘Waves’. Melodically combining guitars, drums and an insatiable saxophone, Evin nods to the 80s pop culture; however, the mix of modern-day pop makes ‘Fears of Letting Go’ an edgy listen. The well-arranged single sends you on a trip in a kaleidoscopic soundscape. While there is a soft glow to the intimate song, it is the insertion of his moving vocals that really adds to the tenderness of ‘Fears of Letting Go’.

Lying somewhere between Spandau Ballet and Culture Club, there is an ethereal ambience to ‘Fears of Letting Go’. Moreover, the layers of sax merge effortlessly with Evin’s dulcet tones resulting in a charming, heartfelt execution. The enchanting melody and sentimental slide in ‘Fears of Letting Go’ is an excellent representation of the song’s concept – an underlying message of self-acceptance and empowerment. Warmth and joviality ooze from every chord making this single completely unforgettable.

This is my first introduction to Evin and I am so glad I stumbled across his work. A new artist, he has little to offer regarding Spotify releases; however, I foresee 2022 as being the year of Evin. Be sure to keep an eye and ear on this lad – he has big things in store!

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