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Track Review: Feather In My Hat // Welsh Avenue

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Mark DiLillo, Welsh Avenue merges the elegance of classical music with the joviality of contemporary pop. It is this combination of two diverse styles that not only enhance Welsh Avenue’s eclecticism but highlights his innovative musicality. With extensive piano training, the former biology major embraced his passion for music and followed its call leading to, well, Welsh Avenue. Featured on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Indie Band Guru, Music Existence and A&R Factory, the US-based artist is turning heads across the globe. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Feather In My Hat’.

Described by Rock Era Magazine as “subtle, dreamy and wonderful”, ‘Feather In My Hat’ tips you into a sonic pool with kaleidoscopic lights flitting across your eyes. Filled with a hazy ambience, Welsh Avenue layers synths with his distinctive piano and soulful vocals. Smooth, laidback and controlled, there is a dreaminess to ‘Feather In My Hat’ as Mark finds the delicate balance between organic and electronic. Interestingly enough, all instruments (including his rich vocals) have prominence but come together in a united melodic whole in the end.

Smooth and gentle from the classical piano to the rock-inspired guitar riffs, ‘Feather In My Hat’ is a charming musical journey. A sense of calm can be gathered from the melody, but there is a juxtaposition that adds sophistication to the track. Welsh Avenue explains that “this track is about how the world is construed in front of us as infinite potential and how we get through life is by seeing it…none of us are in control, but in some ways we all are.”

Filled with sincerity, sentimentality and intense intimacy, Welsh Avenue captures the essence of reality in ‘Feather In My Hat’.

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