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Track Review: Feel It Burn // The Tiger Moths

Potentially defined as a Fleetwood Mac meets a hyped-up Simon & Garfunkel, The Tiger Moths are a refreshing breath of old-school folk-rock in modern-day music scenes. Based in the UK, the genre-defying fivesome has a reputation for energetic and enthusiastic performances. Already an established name on the London scene, the lads were set to play several notable festivals including Camden Rocks; however, the Covid-19 pandemic decided to cancel all of that. Not to mind, The Tiger Moths have two EPs and several singles up for our enjoyment with the latest being ‘Feel It Burn’.

Following their double A-side single, ‘The Wind In Your Sails/ You Really Don’t Know’, ‘Feel It Burn’ adopts an upbeat, jovial sound. Combining pounding drums with dynamic guitars and a superb piano, the track will have you tapping your toe for the entire four minutes. What I find intriguing is how The Tiger Moths merge classical with alternative rock and Americana to create a rather infectious tune. I have to admit that while all the instruments and vocals are enjoyable, it is the piano-playing that captures my attention. Perhaps this is because I am a pianist but the effortless transition from jazz to classical piano styles are fascinating.

Recorded in April 2021 in North London, ‘Feel It Burn’ might be considered the result of creative toiling during Covid-19 lockdowns, however, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is how this piece of music made it to our ears. In addition to the kaleidoscopic melody, the lyrical content enhances the poignancy of the tender song. Described as a “…burning sensation of waiting on an anticipated visitor who never arrives”, ‘Feel It Burn’ has a deeper meaning as well as lots of fun. I’m not saying you can’t be deep and have fun, I just mean…well, listen to the infectious tune and you’ll see what I mean.

So, what do I think about The Tiger Moths and ‘Feel It Burn’. Anthemic, buoyant and filled with sensitive joviality, ‘Feel It Burn’ is definitely going on my personal playlist.

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