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Track Review: Feels Like Yesterday // Jackson Watson

We all had those times when we would pick up our hairbrush and sing into it pretending we were Christina Aguilera (‘Genie In A Bottle’ baby!), and then we hit reality. I can’t sing a note, but there are those who can jam out like Bon Jovi or dance it up like Michael Jackson – Jackson Watson is the latter. Following the unfortunate death of The King of Pop in 2009, US-based Jackson practised Michael’s moves and grooves for months before being featured on the local news. A few years later, he would go on to win an award for his Michael Jackson impersonation – this sparked his passion for music.

In 2015, Jackson Watson picked up a pen and began writing original music. Inspired by life in its entirety, the songs he produced tackled themes of patience, love, trust and hope. His life experiences were his muse resulting in some astounding indie-pop melodies. Yet, while there is a strong indie-pop flavour to his tunes, Jackson traverses genres with classic R&B and psychedelic-rock undertones. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Feels Like Yesterday’.

Following his successful single ‘Eye Candy’, ‘Feels Like Yesterday’ is a soul-laced pop ballad straight out of the 1990s. Acoustic-inspired, the melodic arrangement incorporates simplistic piano and guitar; however, the song is far more kaleidoscopic than a simple acoustic ballad. Along with the organic instrumentation, Jackson Watson adds a dash of keyboards into the song. It appears that he is trying to find that delicate balance between organic and synthetic sounds, and he does so.

What I find intriguing about the track is the sophistication of its arrangement. Just as Jackson traverses genres from melody to melody, ‘Feels Like Yesterday’ has obscurity unlike any other. The keyboard trills send your heart soaring while a slight melodic distortion sends your head spinning. Interestingly enough, the haziness has a contemporary vibe but also a nostalgic slant putting you at peace.

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