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Track Review: Fight of the Bumblebee // Call In Dead

Bring together the diverse experiences and influences of four veteran punk rockers and what do you have? You have Call in Dead. Blending the sounds of psychobilly, metal, pop-punk and hardcore punk, Call In Dead has an obscure but traditionally ear-splitting quality to it. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Rising Artists Blog, Music Existence and various playlists, the group has been described as “aggressive, intense and encouraging”. We have the honour of introducing you to this optimistic punk rock delicacy with their single ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’.

Based in Florida (that’s the USA to be exact), Call In Dead encourages listeners to “…take the road less travelled” in a unique way. Punk rockers to the core, there is definite intensity in their songs, but ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’ has extra aggression in its execution. Hopeful and empowering, there is a positivity about the lyricism…they’re just pounding it into your brain with ear-splitting guitars and hammering drums. How else will we listen if they aren’t making a big noise?

I could compare Call In Dead to iconic punk rockers Sex Pistols or Buzzcocks but I wouldn’t be doing them justice. With a twinge of melodic metal amidst the hard-hitting sound, ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’ is a buzzing of pure energy in its rawest form. The brashness and bluntness of the music ensure you’ll start jumping about the room or just covering your bleeding ears. The fact is, I quite enjoy this juxtaposition of angry melodies and empowering lyrics. It’s just what people need right now, something forceful but also sensitive.

Side note: if you’re interested in what Call In Dead sounds like as a live band then check out the live version of ‘Fight of the Bumblebee’ here.

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