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Track Review: Finally Free // Doc Fischbach

Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and The Fray, US-based Doc Fischbach infuses contemporary pop with alternative rock. For approximately two years, Doc Fischbach has been sharing his unique sound with the masses from the toe-tapping ‘Take Control’ to the more poignant ‘Red Santa Fe’. Hailing from Golden, Colorado, the solo artist is not only receiving coverage in the blogosphere but is gaining a reputation for engaging performances at notable venues. Come with us as we delve into one of his more recent singles ‘Finally Free’.

Well received by blogs like Send Me Your Ears, Sinusoidal Music, YMX and Euro Indie Music, Doc Fischbach is reaching audiences across the globe. Described by The Other Side Reviews as using “honest and raw emotions”, Doc Fischbach really embraces his passion for music and showers listeners with breath-taking vulnerability. In ‘Finally Free’, he pushes the realms of vulnerability exploring all the associated feelings within this concept.

Recorded at The Spot Studios in Colorado with producer Glenn Sawyer, ‘Finally Free’ has a heart-warming, harmonic arrangement. A piano-driven track, there is a spine-chilling sentimentality underlying the melody. What I find intriguing is while the track has bold instrumentation with dynamic beats and guitar belying the piano, there is a simplicity making it appear almost acoustic-inspired. A fan of piano-led tracks, ‘Finally Free’ already captured by heart with the melody; however, it is the lyrical content that pushes Doc Fischbach’s depth as an artist.

Written as a ballad, you can hear the vulnerability of Doc Fischbach’s fragile state, but there is a bold empowerment in ‘Finally Free’. Penned as a tribute to “getting free from toxic people in your life”, ‘Finally Free’ follows the relief of leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and regaining control of one’s life. Doc Fischbach explains that “this song was inspired the day I decided to finally get off my ADHD meds that my previous partner had pushed at me constantly…being done with that last bit of control that person had over me. My music is for those people who have had rough times in life and are looking to feel understood.”

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