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Track Review: Find Something // Avresa

Translated as the departure for the beginning of an adventure, the term ‘avresa’ is perfect for Australian singer-songwriter Jeremy Binger’s solo project. Moving from a four-piece alternative rock band, the multi-instrumentalist chose to embrace a more individualist and genre-bending musical style. Not only is Jeremy Binger choosing to blend post-punk, folk and indie-rock into one sound, but he also looks at fusing styles from different eras. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, Pop Fad Blog, Find No Enemy, Roadie Music and several playlists, Avresa is reaching ears on an international level. The latest addition to his spellbinding discography is ‘Find Something’.

Following the single ‘Patience (Delta Variant)’, ‘Find Something’ adopts a hard-hitting alternative rock stance. While I might place Avresa somewhere between Vertical Horizon and The Calling, this is not necessarily an ideal similarity. In fact, I can’t think of a single artist that might be compared to Avresa as he has an unforgettable, unique and unmistakable sound. Perhaps it is his experience as part of an alt-rock band that contributes to his current style or just natural talent to be awesome, Jeremy Binger proves he should not be pigeon-holed with ‘Find Something’.

Alright, so the melody is intriguing, but it is Jeremy’s vocals that make it truly awe-inspiring. Tossing you into a tender, heartfelt sonic whirlpool, ‘Find Something’ has a cinematic soundscape with a wistful ambience. The melodic arrangement delicately combines with Jeremy’s dulcet tones and instrumentation as the track touches on isolation, anxiety and conflict. Avresa shares that ‘Find Something’ is “about the struggle to find positivity, purpose and meaning through difficult days. Finding some light through the darkness and ultimately discovering where the positives lie is where this roller-coaster takes the listener.”

I could go on about ‘Find Something’ and Avresa’s music, but the simple fact is that I love it. Soothing and enchanting I am now happily addicted to his infectious, soul-filling sound.

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