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Track Review: First Light // DAAY

Only two songs in, with the third single set for release in March this year, DAAY can be considered a newbie in the sea of indie-rock artists; however, they are definitely not to be overlooked. With a mellow sound, the lads seamlessly intertwine funk, indie-rock, soul and jazz. Having featured on The Other Side Reviews, Lost In The Manor and many other online publications, DAAY is quickly grabbing the attention of critics on an international scale. The latest addition to their repertoire is the sophomore single ‘First Light’.

Following their well-received debut single ‘Mama’, ‘First Light’ adopts a slightly more indie-rock sound compared to the previous funk track. Showcasing their versatility and innovativeness as artists, ‘First Light’ melds simplistic instrumentation with unique vocals. Soothing with a hint of The Beatles meeting Psychedelic Furs, the single has a captivating elegance creating a hazy soundscape with guitars, drums and an enchanting saxophone. Yet, while the track has a dull ambience in which you can easily lose yourself, there is a jauntiness to the kaleidoscopic swirl of sound.

Reminiscent of Pete Doherty, Alex Barty-King’s soulful vocals soar across the languid melody harmonically executing the moving lyricism. Inspired by optimism and hopefulness, ‘First Light’ is a sonic representation of good vibes for the future. Living in a time of uncertainty with so much, forgive the language, shit going on it is good to relax now and then. DAAY pull you into a comfortable blanket looking at the future in a plethora of pretty lights saying “it’s not that bad” – and I actually believe them.

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