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Track Review: Flawed Design // Thrillhouse

Thrillhouse are a brilliant band because they released a string of uplifting, fresh songs last year. They have a brand new song, ‘Flawed Design’, which is coming out on 12th February.

Thrillhouse’s sound recalls the upbeat side of 80s synthpop with a summery twist. The repetitive synth melody on ‘Flawed Design’ is an instant earworm, while the snare drum is crisp and packs a strong punch. The relatable lyrics could be about the protagonist struggling through lockdown: “I’ve watched it fly by / I’ve seen the days turn into nights.” This lyric resonates in particular because the days pass very quickly. The backdrop of synth and guitars offer a more uplifting tone and will have you dancing around your room.

‘Flawed Design’ is yet another saucy banger by Thrillhouse.  It is captivating because it has the listener hooked in four minutes, and is sure to brighten your mood.

‘Flawed Design’ is released on the 12th February.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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