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Track Review: Fog Walker Of Copton Ridge // Mountain Mansion

The brainchild of Canada-based multi-instrumentalist Shane Turner, Mountain Mansion is a fusion of dream-pop, indie-folk and indie-pop. Taking a unique stance on personal connections, Shane uses songs to capture the experiences of a fire lookout. In fact, his series Songs From A Fire Tower are based primarily on his adventures in the Canadian wilderness as a fire lookout. Featured on Sinusoidal Music, Less Than 1000 Followers, Two Story Melody, Berlin On Air, Much Music, Canada AM and various other platforms, Mountain Mansion is building a following across the globe. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’.

After performing across the USA and Canada, Shane Turner chose to temporarily retire from music and take on a job as a fire lookout. Yet, it was his experience as a fire lookout that brought him back to music. After watching a fire crawl towards his tower resulting in evacuation, Shane was inspired to start recording new songs. He shares that he wrote ‘Evacuation Day’ while on the helicopter trip and “…when I landed at the firebase the songs kept coming out. A songwriting fire was lit in me and I’ve been focusing on mostly writing and recording ever since.”

Taken from his upcoming album Songs From A Fire Tower, Pt. 1, ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ was recorded at one of the highest lookout points in Canada, Livingstone Ridge Lookout. I believe it is this extreme setting that adds genuineness to the track as Shane captured the sounds of lighting, wind and wildlife; unfortunately, it was scrapped from the recording because the sound of mosquitoes isn’t all that inviting. Regardless of the missing mosquitoes, ‘Walker of Copton Ridge’ incorporates a raw honesty that is refreshing and intriguing.

What I love about Mountain Mansion is the way he seems to tell stories with his personal narratives. It isn’t exactly dreamy, ethereal insight into the human soul, but an inviting tale with some metaphorical undertones. ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ talks about, as Shane shares, “…an unexpected hiker a coworker had at his Copton Ridge Lookout. In the middle of a storm, he woke up to his dog freaking out at something outside.” It’s terrifying, anticipatory and rather intense tapping into our childish imaginations in such vivid detail. Personally, I find attraction in this storytelling style and can easily hear ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ being played while sitting around the campfire. I don’t like camping, but I’ll like it if Shane Turner is there with his guitar.

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