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Track Review: Follow Me // Under Delusion

Inspired by the likes of bands like Royal Blood, Yonaka and Bring Me The Horizon, Under Delusion has a contemporary modern-rock feel with a twinge of genre-defying sound. Based in Moscow, the threesome is not afraid to approach provocative concepts with a melodic feel. Looking at existential truths, emotional uncertainty, anger, loss and all that other stuff that constitutes life, Under Delusion has a profound connectedness with their audiences. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Edgar Allan Poets, Less Than 1000 Followers and YMX, the group is going global with their music. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Follow Me’.

Following their single ‘Fairy’, ‘Follow Me’ adopts a slower, steadier and more flowing style in its arrangement. If this is the first Under Delusion song you are listening to, you might consider them somewhere Bring Me The Horizon and Seether; however, they are far more intense than that. The change in pace showcases their ability to move from upbeat, hard-hitting rock to mellow, intimate rock ballads. It is this transition between styles within a similar genre that makes the band innovative and appealing. Not to mention, the instrumentation and vocals are superb hitting you in the gut and sending shivers down your spine.

Bold and rich, ‘Follow Me’ has poignant substance amidst the stark soundscape. Yes, there is a great mix of synths and guitars; however, there seems to be a haunting quality in a misty ambience that seems void of instruments. Think of taking a walk through a haunted wood in complete silence but with a creepy “there’s something out there” in your head. This is ‘Follow Me’.

What I find intriguing about ‘Follow Me’ is the vocals. The transition from low vocals to a higher female pitch is outstanding. In fact, at first, I thought this was a duet so I was surprised to discover everything was sung by a female. It is this sort of arrangement that makes Under Delusion boundary-breaking gems in a stagnating rock scene.

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