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Track Review: Follow You Anywhere // Adri-Anne Ralph

In a world of uncertainty and strife, we all need a ray of hope to keep the faith that something good still exists – Adri-Anne Ralph helps us realise this. Hailing from Canada, singer-songwriter Adri-Anne sees the purpose of bringing hope to others through music. A “music theatre kid”, she was always interested in performance and eventually found herself working as a singer, counsellor, teacher and mentor in Venezuela via the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) programme. Now we’re taking a look at her musical journey as a singer-songwriter with a strong message to share. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Follow You Anywhere’.

Influenced by classic artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughn and 90s R&B, Adri-Anne Ralph’s music is a bit of a melting pot. Following her single ‘Give Up So Easy’, ‘Follow You Anywhere’ is a musical expression of personal struggles. Using a personal narrative, Adri-Anne touches on issues like depression, inner conflict, anxiety, love and loss. Yet, while there seems to be a melancholic tinge to the track, ‘Follow You Anywhere’ is actually a song of empowerment and positivity. She explains that things in her life were wild successes or total failures, but she knew that she would be completely loved regardless of the situation.

The message has depth and effortlessly connects with audiences, but its melodic execution is what makes ‘Follow You Anywhere’ special. Harmonically blending elements of 90s R&B with tinges of soul and pop, the arrangement is beautifully textured making all styles stand out. What truly captured my heart is Adri-Anne’s bold, rich and soulful vocals. Evocative and moving, her vocals intoxicate listeners taking you on a musical journey through the single. In ‘Follow You Anywhere’, her powerful R&B-inspired sound showcases the desperation of the theme, but also highlights the empowerment and positivity of “following you anywhere”.

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