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Track Review: For Tuesday // The Summer Went

The solo project of American singer-songwriter Mark Ferris, For Tuesday is an expressive, endearing and engaging musical experience. With no real definitive founding tale – in other words, the music just popped up in Mark’s head and he took it from there, For Tuesday is Mark’s eloquent expression of how anything can happen on a Tuesday and making music over the weekend is just too much pressure. While this multi-instrumentalist is still honing his sound, he has received critical acclaim for his current work from blogs like Little Dose of Indie, The Other Side Reviews and Ear To The Ground. The latest addition to his growing discography is ‘The Summer Went’.

Combining elements of indie-rock, pop-rock and grunge, ‘The Summer Went’ explores the globally disenfranchised state of 2020. Attempting to capture the confusion and hopelessness of the “pandemic times”, For Tuesday eloquently expresses the need for normality among the masses – or what we consider normality. Witty and emotive lyricism engulfed by an ironically soothing melody effortlessly encapsulates the weariness felt by modern society.

To enhance feelings of exhaustion and frustration among multiple populations, For Tuesday layers the lyrics with a delicate sheet of synth-driven melodies. Mark’s hushed vocals add a haunting quality to ‘The Summer Went’ embracing a juxtaposition between calming and distressing. Heartbreaking, engaging and overwhelming enchanting, For Tuesday breaks all boundaries with this sophisticated representation of the previous year. Hopefully, he will have something more upbeat and optimistic for 2021; we’ll have to wait and see.

“This summer has been a strange one for all of us. As a songwriter, I found myself trying to bottle up some of the zeitgeist of the summer of 2020 as it draws to a close. For me, this season has been a mix of fear and uncertainty about the future and simple boredom. I found myself, like everyone, wanting to hit the brakes on this year and go back to a simpler time. This song came out as a simple but personal expression of that feeling.” – Mark Ferris on ‘The Summer Went’

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