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Track Review: Forever // Foxpalmer

Merging elements of rock and roll, indie-rock and folk in their music, Foxpalmer engages with audiences from different audiences. Perhaps it is this incorporation of different styles that gave them a reputation for a diverse, innovative and evocative sound. While this is my first taste of Foxpalmer, the London-based group is turning heads across the globe featured on The Voice Magazine, Jammerzine, The Other Side Reviews, iHeart and several other online radio stations. The latest addition from their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Forever’.

The first track off their upcoming EP Dark Tides, ‘Forever’ has a flowing element, but is not soothing in any form. No, that is not necessarily true as there is a harmonic languidness in certain pieces, but the overall track has a haunting quality with strong feelings of discomfort. It’s not discomforting in a bad way, but more the discomfort felt when dealing with distressing emotions; I mean, it is a sonic representation of the bitterness of everyday existence.

“I discovered writing my thoughts down helped me mend which sparked the beginning of our new EP Dark Tides. ‘Forever’, although it may sound delicate and perhaps a beautiful expression of one’s love for another, is actually a story of a broken heart and failure to process the bitter reality of a changed future. Trapped in a repetitive and exhausting whirlpool of sadness and delusion. This is how the title ‘Forever’ arose.” – Fern (vocalist) on ‘Forever’

While not an acoustic track, ‘Forever’ does present a melodic and conceptual raw honesty in a stripped-back design. Exposing the painfulness of a broken heart, ‘Forever’ moves through despair, denial, anger, isolation and hopelessness. The powerful guitars and drums clearly underline the desperation of the protagonist’s situation, particularly the scorching guitar solo pulling on the heartstrings. Despite the instrumentation effortlessly guiding one through the forlorn mist, it is Fern McNulty’s vocals that push you into the dark mire of anguish.

Fern’s voice may not be overpowering, but the powerful emotion underlying the poetic lyricism enhances the poignancy of ‘Forever’. A delicate exploration of human fragility, Foxpalmer have a spine-chilling, soul-stirring winner with their latest single.

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