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Track Review: Found // Near Death Experience (NDX)

Over the past six years (give or take), UK-based foursome Near Death Experience (NDX) have merged funk, rock, soul and pop in their unique sound. Founded in 2016, the lads have quickly built a reputation for hard-hitting, energetic melodies with their performances at notable festivals including Ealing Oxjam Festival, Ealing Blues Festival and a UK tour in 2021. The thing is, while they’re rocking out on stage, it is their releases that reach an international audience. Featured on Edgar Allen Poets, Roadie Music, Talk About Pop Music, The Other Side Reviews and Music for the Misfits, NDX is turning heads across Europe and beyond. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is the single ‘Found’.

Following their eclectic, eccentric and grooving single ‘Religion’, NDX adopts a folk-rock sound in ‘Found’. Reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, ‘Found’ is a toe-tapping track built with grooving guitars and pounding drums. However, the forcefulness of the single flows along an intimate arrangement making the melody smooth, soothing and chilled in its abrasive manner. Think of a really great folk-rock song with an “in your face” oomph in the background.

While the melody is certainly a powerful one that will send you into a sonic swirl of sound, it is the intense lyricism that enhances the poignancy of ‘Found’. Touching on the love, loss and intimate emotions, NDX rekindles the fire of true love in ‘Found’. Sincerity and genuineness are evident in the melody, but the growling vocals really bring out the grittiness of the situation. Rich tones meld with explosive guitar riffs rising into catchy choruses taking you along this complex journey of love.

Anthemic, sentimental and bursting with passion, this track is one that will stick in your head. If ‘Found’ is anything to go by I am dying to see what else Near Death Experience has in store.

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