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Track Review: Franny and Zooey // Let The River Flow

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Franny and Zooey have a new brand of folk. Instead of adopting the Tracy Chapman and Carol King approach to folk, which is still awesome, this sister duo is placing their stamp on a 21st-century sound. As with folk narratives, Franny and Zooey write songs that are honest, raw and speak to current social issues. Their belief is that music can help connect with the human experience giving listeners an opportunity to reflect on the words. The latest single from this pair is ‘Let The River Flow’.

A follow-up to their debut single ‘My Love’ (released in 2018), ‘Let The River Flow’ is Franny and Zooey’s protest song for 2020. While it may seem calming and tranquil, the pair use their melodic vocals to bring attention to issues of injustice, inequality and oppression. Taking an optimistic stance, ‘Let The River Flow’ is not only about the negative sociopolitical issues but looks at coming together and fighting for what’s right.

The sisters are classically trained artists and this is evident in ‘Let The River Flow’. Simple instrumentation, particularly the skillful piano in the background, combines with strong harmonies and effortless vocals. Reminiscent of Florence and The Machine, the music is warm, bold and spellbinding. Promoting sincerity, sophistication and genuineness, Franny and Zooey have knocked it out of the park with ‘Let The River Flow’. I wait with bated breath to see what else they have in the works.

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