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Track Review: Free, Completely Free // Christina Jones

From a young age, Christina Jones was certain that music would play a central role in her life. To pursue this musical interest, Jones began her career by singing in school musicals, church and entering competitions as a child. Eventually, this concerted interest in performing arts resulted in being a contestant on American Idol, appearing at The Apollo in New York and, most recently, a musical role at Central Square Theater.

Influenced by the likes of Janelle Monae, Ella Fitzgerald and Alicia Keys, Christina draws together elements of jazz, pop and soul in her sound. While this is the first time I have come across Christina Jones, she has received critical acclaim from Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Sound and many other blogs. The latest single on her well-received discography is ‘Free, Completely Free’.

Following the more pop-influenced ballad ‘Beautiful Bridge’, ‘Free, Completely Free’ is a sultry soul meets jazz single showcasing Christina’s innovativeness and versatility. Accompanied by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, ‘Free, Completely Free’ has a certain flair in its melodic arrangement. The piano solo is particularly interesting as it carries the listener away with the harmonic tones. A jazz-infused solo, Kimoki and Christina easily create a smoky jazz bar where you become lost in the fumes but love each second.

Yes, there is a hazy ambience to the soothing single, but Christina’s clear vocals bring you out of the fog. Bold, rich and warm, there is a reminiscence to Sade and Ella Fitzgerald in the dulcet tones. Yet, while the old-school jazz is evident, ‘Free, Completely Free’ has a twinge of contemporary pop in the mix. Sensual, sultry and sophisticated, ‘Free, Completely Free’ stands out as a refreshing breath in the stagnating indie scene. I cannot wait for more from Christina Jones.

Side note: Christina recently released her album You Are My Compass which can be heard here.

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