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Track Review: Free Falling // Gabrielle Ornate

Described as a Bohemian siren meets riff-laden pop-rock, Gabrielle Ornate will ignite a flame in your soul with her sensational sound. Already one of the top emerging artists on the pop scene, Gabrielle has a loyal international following that continues to grow on a daily basis. Featured in notable publications like Clout, Rising Artists Music Blog, Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews and Music For The Misfits (to name a few), the UK-based singer-songwriter is turning heads and winning hearts. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Free Falling’.

Described as an “edgy pop powerhouse” by The Sounds Won’t Stop, Gabrielle Ornate draws together a sense of obscurity and contemporary in a powerful way. Following her track ‘Spirit of the Times’, ‘Free Falling’ adopts a heavier pop-rock meets alternative rock style with tinges of melodic metal. Forceful and hard-hitting, ‘Free Falling’ combines pounding drums with dynamic guitars in a melodic arrangement. With the fiery instrumentation and intriguing vocals, Gabrielle once again sends you swirling about in a sonic whirlpool with her music.

While the pop vocals traverse a guitar-driven rock melody, I find the transition between choruses and verses one of the more forceful elements. Incorporating heavy guitar riffs that crescendo into catchy lyricism, Gabrielle showcases her dark and light side. The blunt outro elegantly ends the track with rock sentimentality, as if she is raising her eyebrow and saying, “well, that’s how it goes”.

‘Free Falling’ by name and free-falling by nature, Gabrielle Ornate’s new single is jam-packed with her powerful signature sound. From the first second, you are sent twirling about, and it is hard not to play air guitar with the track. Sentimental, brutally raw, filled with attitude and highly contagious, ‘Free Falling’ is easily one of my favourite songs this year. I can’t wait for more from Gabrielle Ornate.

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