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Track Review: Friday // The Confederation

Completely unique and determined not to be pigeon-holed, The Confederation combine a plethora of genres in their distinct sound. Influenced by the likes of Prince, The Who, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie (to mention a few), there is power and complexity in their music. We have reviewed The Confederation before, but this collaborative project continues to captivate listeners as if we were hearing them for the first time. The latest addition to the discography is the single ‘Friday’.

Embracing the power of the internet in bringing musicians together, ‘Friday’ is an online collaboration focusing on relationships in the digital age. Superb storytelling expresses the intimate tale of protagonists who have the option of being a couple but choose to pursue friendship instead of all that lovey-dovey stuff – or do they? The Confederation explains that the song’s “…theme is modern love. A couple that consumes each other like hamburgers, each pretending to not want more.” So, hopeless pair who hide their desire for each other and ignore the situation; modern love at its best.

While the lyrical theme connects with listeners on a deeper level, the melodic arrangement certainly holds its own. Expertly layering instrumentation with powerful vocals, ‘Friday’ brings together old-school funk, rock, blues and soul. The vocals of Simone Miller and Simon Jolly merge elegantly with Steven Blessing’s dynamic guitar and infusion of Jolly’s piano skills. What I find intriguing about The Confederation is how each instrument, including vocals, has prominence but comes together in a sonic whole. ‘Friday’ is particularly interesting as it has a live performance edge within the smoother in-studio sound.

Following the blues-filled single ‘Razor Teeth’, ‘Friday’ is softer, and steadier but with a more upbeat than sensual sound. Sincere, amusing and quirky, it appeals to listeners who want an old-school sound, as well as youngsters who can connect with the theme. All I know is that I love it and wouldn’t mind more from The Confederation.

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