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Track Review: Fucked Up Feeling // Hana Piranha

“If Jimi Hendrix had played the violin this is how he would have sounded” – taken from Blues In Britain to describe the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Hana Piranha. Quite a description if you ask me, but then again, I have to agree with Blues In Britain on this one. Born in New Zealand during a hurricane, the UK-based Hana Piranha brings draws together classical and contemporary sounds in one unique, mildly obscure way. From her debut release ‘Back Again’ in 2016 to her most recent single ‘Fucked Up Feeling’, this talented musician is breaking boundaries with her sound.

Following her well-received album Wednesday’s Child, Hana Piranha adopts a hard-hitting gothic style in ‘Fucked Up Feeling’. The combination of heavy guitars and pounding drums tip you into a whirlpool of sound, similar to the hurricane brewing when Hana Piranha was born. Incorporating her classical violin and a harp in the melody, you can really hear the innovativeness and versatility of her eclectic sound.

Lying somewhere between melodic metal, alternative rock and pop-punk, there is a brashness to ‘Fucked Up Feeling’. While Hana Piranha’s sound is certainly unique, I do hear a similarity to Hayley Williams when it comes to her powerful vocals. Yet, despite the rich warmth in her voice, there is aggression blasting through ensnaring your senses. Not made with tenderness in mind, the kaleidoscopic song tears through a cinematic soundscape with vicious intensity.

Hana Piranha explains that ‘Fucked Up Feeling’ is about rage, angst and self-destruction. When speaking about the song she shared that she “…has bad days where all the rage and angst just pour out of me. I don’t swear often in my songs, but when I do, this is what you get.” Recorded with producer Jason Achilles, mixed by Evan Rodaniche and mastered by Epicenter Mastering, ‘Fucked Up Feeling’ sends chills down your spine, grabs you by the chest and leaves you gasping at the end.

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