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Track Review: The Island // Gavin Doyle

After hitting the semi-finals of RTE’s The Hit with his first original single ‘Blush’ back in 2014, Gavin Doyle decided to take a bit of a hiatus from the music scene. Fast-forward six years and this Irish singer-songwriter is back on the scene with his solo project. While Gavin gained popularity and performance experience with the pop-rock band The Geddes and indie-rock group Karma Kreek, it is solo work that truly defines the artist. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘The Island’.

Following his critically acclaimed tracks ‘Before The Fall’ and ‘Redamancy’, ‘The Island’ is a heartfelt and soul-stirring ballad. Using his skill with a guitar – Gavin was, in fact, a session guitarist for several years – Gavin showcases originality and sophistication as a musician. What I truly enjoy is the “bare-bones” structure of ‘The Island’ featuring basic acoustic guitar and emotive vocals. The warmth of Gavin’s vocals effortlessly complement the simple instrumentation and it is this simplicity that enhances the track’s sincerity.

Describing this third release of 2020 as being “directly about my experience with the Covid-19 pandemic”, Gavin shows a raw honesty in his music increasing the poignancy of ‘The Island’. It’s like having a friend hold you by the hand to a comfort zone letting you know you are not alone in whatever you are feeling. Can’t wait for the next single!

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