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Track Review: The Lord Is Kind // Gedalya

Have you ever thought of a religious leader making music? Now, I’m not speaking about hymns at mass but more about releasing original material. Well, here is living proof that priests and rabbis can really rock the room if they want. Hailing from the USA, Rabbi Gedalya has come to tell you that the Lord is kind using a folk-rock sound.

Bringing the sounds of 1970s folk-rock into the 21st Century, Rabbi Gedalya’s moving single is a combination of The Carpenters, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac and a twinge of Jamie Cullum. Calming, soothing and intriguing, ‘The Lord Is Kind’ is a bouncy, toe-tapping tune that can get your body swaying to the melody. While there is buoyancy and cheerfulness to the track, it is the personal narrative that really pushes the concept of a caring Lord to the fore.

Despite the high-spirited harmonies and melodies of ‘The Lord Is Kind’, the lyricism is compelling and intriguing. A tale of crime, courts, drugs, trials and a “right on the line” resolution, the narrative is engaging and endearing. The track would be enjoyable even without lyrics, but it is Gedalya’s elegant execution of the narrative with his obscure vocals that make it so much more overwhelming. Infectious, hopeful and memorable, ‘The Lord Is Kind’ is an empowering single for all playlists.

“Today, it seems that having faith is often seen as a counter to being successful, but it shouldn’t be seen that way…Faith is a mindset but so is success. Knowing that through faith you can find success is a powerful message that I don’t think we hear often enough. So, this song reflects that, but also the difference between the two and how sometimes grace can be found in the worst of times…” – Gedalya on ‘The Lord Is Kind’

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