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Track Review: Get Outta My Head // Sofia Evangelina

Born to French and Russian parents, teenager Sofia Evangelina brings an astoundingly unique sound to the masses. Using her Canadian side with European (and Asian when you consider Russia) heritage, this young singer-songwriter has a refreshing diversity in her style. This is my introduction to Sofia Evangelina, but she has already captured the attention of music industry professionals across the globe. Not only has she featured in notable publications like VENTS Magazine, US Times New and The Hype Magazine, but she has won multiple awards such as the “Best Album” award from the Young Artist Academy (previous winners include Drake and Miley Cyrus).

Accolades and achievements aside, Sofia Evangelina writes in a personal, intimate fashion without too much flash. After two years without releasing music, she shares her latest single ‘Get Outta My Head’ with her growing fanbase. Penned during the “pandemic years” the track explores human vulnerability, ecstasy and complexity. Sofia explains that ‘Get Outta My Head’ is a song about “…what it’d be like to begin to fall unwillingly and uncontrollably in love and all of the feelings that would follow. I tapped into my own experiences and those of my friends and others around me to tell a universal tale; a story simple in nature, yet complex as it takes us into the realm where the line between the dream, reality, memory and illusion is very dim.”

Influenced by Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Nina Simone, Sofia Evangelina brings a strong old-school R&B meets soul sound to the mix. Moreover, as with her influences, she has powerhouse vocals often compared to Christina Aguilera. In ‘Get Outta My Head’, Sofia showcases her five-octave vocal range atop a well-textured melodic arrangement of pop hooks tinged with contemporary R&B styles. Infectious, hypnotic and soul-stirring, ‘Get Outta My Head’ effortlessly places you in a sonic swirl as Sofia ensnares your senses.

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