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Track Review: Ghost Town // Love Ghost

Known for their energetic performances and old-school pop-punk sound, US-based Love Ghost can effortlessly intoxicate audiences. Already a regular feature on Nexus Music Blog, we are firm fans of Love Ghost and, personally, I can’t imagine anyone not being placed under their spell. We are not the only ones singing their praises as the lads have been featured on Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, and many other publications. Moreover, they have collaborated with artists across the globe including Adan Cruz, Rico Nasty and Tankurt Manas – and it’s just getting better.

Following their sentimental single ‘Homesick’, Love Ghost adopt a more upbeat, high-paced and brash sound in ‘Ghost Town’. Once again, a nod to the pop-punk and emo sounds of the early 2000s, there is a reminiscence to Taking Back Sunday in ‘Ghost Town’; however, as I’ve mentioned before, this band has an obscurity to their music that surpasses all genres. In ‘Ghost Town’, the lads collaborate with acclaimed musician Santa RM fusing Latin beats with cyber-punk and a soul-stirring emo-rock style.

Recorded with well-known producer Mike Summers (Lil’ Wayne and Kendrick Lamar), Love Ghost touch on issues of mental health, loneliness and facing one’s inner demons. Beautifully capturing the frustration, angst and aggression of inner turmoil, Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, guitar), Daniel Alcala (guitar, backing vocals), Cory Batchler (bass, keys, backing vocals), and Daniel Gallardo (drums, vocals) create an almost palpable grittiness with their bold single. The instrumentation definitely adds to the darkness of ‘Ghost Town’ but, for me, Finnegan Bell’s vocals add that little extra something. A boldness is heard in Finnegan’s rich, full-bodied voice, but there is also a desperation and vulnerability in the charming tones.

A heart-wrenching, dark, poignant and passionate, Love Ghost continue to astound with their exceptional new song ‘Ghost Town’. I can’t wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves.

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