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Track Review: Give An Answer // .Fen

Influenced greatly by The Jacksons and Stevie Wonder, .Fen takes us back to the pop meets soul sound of yesteryear. With rich vocals, toe-tapping beats and some guitar skills, the Belgium-based artist is turning heads across the globe. In fact, he even reached the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with his single ‘Yes I Know’. From his debut album, Pardonner, in 2008 to his latest album Life Is So Beautiful, .Fen is spreading a unique style of Motown for the modern-day masses. We introduce this talented singer-songwriter with his single ‘Give An Answer’.

From the first chord, ‘Give An Answer’ takes me back to my childhood listening to Luther Vandross, The Jackson 5 and George Benson – a true blast from the past. Upbeat, but with a soothing languidness, ‘Give An Answer’ oozes sophistication, elegance and charm. Multi-faceted in its melodic arrangement, one can hear a saxophone, keyboard, drums belying the Benson-esque guitar work.

As I mentioned, .Fen brings Motown to the 21st century with its soul, funk and twinges of blues in the track. While the melody can easily have you bopping your head with its chilled vibes, it is the vocals that place the cherry on top. .Fen’s rich vocals add warmth to the danceable track; however, it is the female backing vocals that bring in the enchanting old-school design. Yet, while I adore the song and its kaleidoscopic soundscape, it is the ending vocals that truly captivate me.

Alongside the bongos, .Fen embraces his inner George Benson with complex guitar riffs and the classic Benson “do, do, do” lingering as ‘Give An Answer’ peeters out. Regardless of your age, .Fen will captivate all audiences with his anthemic songs.

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