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Track Review: God Only Knows // Fynyx Nation

Born in Nigeria and raised between Canada and Nigeria, Fynyx Nation (also known as Adrian Essiet) draws together these diverse cultures in a unique, inventive sound. Following his debut EP, The Misfit Room (released in 2019), the singer-songwriter has gained a loyal following – and he is increasing that following with notable coverage. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Find No Enemy, Rising Artists Blog, Canadian Beats, Lost In The Nordics, and various playlists, Fynyx Nation is reaching audiences on a global scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘God Only Knows’.

Following his singles ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Diamond Eyes’, ‘God Only Knows’ is a contemporary alternative pop song with a nostalgic disco vibe through the track. High-paced from the outset, Fynyx Nation has you tapping your toe and bopping your head to the track – and you land up doing this without realising it. I mean it, I started tapping my toe in enjoyment and kept it tapping throughout the single.

Unlike ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘God Only Knows’ has a hard-hitting sound without a heavy synth-laden foundation. Yet, as with ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Diamond Eyes’, the new track elegantly displays Fynyx Nation’s unparalleled vocal range. From tenor to falsetto, his charming tones intoxicate listeners with its sophisticated execution. Seriously, you’d hardly consider the singer is a male if you had to come in during the high-paced chorus.

Upbeat, jovial and bouncy with a cheery quality, ‘God Only Knows’ is a true summer banger. Taken off his upcoming EP The ColdRoom, this track ensnares your senses with its enthusiastic sound. I can’t wait for more from this talented artist.

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