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Track Review: Goodbye // KrizRok

If Green Day were to have a child with Good Charlotte, the chances are it would be KrizRok. What we might call an ambassador of 90s/early-2000s pop-rock, Germany-based Kriz brings the sounds of this classic genre to contemporary society. With the aim of inspiring people through music, the singer-songwriter’s songs are engaging, passionate and, well, inspirational. Featured on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, KMS Reviews, A&R Factory and various German radio stations, KrizRok is building a loyal international following. The most recent addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Goodbye’.

Many artists have used the Covid-19 lockdowns to boost their creative side writing and recording more music in their isolation – KrizRok is on this list. Following his single ‘Welcome To My Show’, a song that received over a thousand Spotify streams in the first fortnight after release, ‘Goodbye’ is a mash between Foo Fighters and Green Day. Indicating the progressive nature of pop-rock through the ages, his transition from upbeat pop to a grungier rock-influenced sound is highly innovative.

Written, recorded and produced by Kriz himself, ‘Goodbye’ uses pounding drums, powerful guitars and gruff vocals to create a head-bopping, toe-tapping single. What I find intriguing is not the well-placed crescendoes into catchy choruses but the incorporation of a string section about halfway in. It’s short, less than 3 seconds, but showcases KrizRok’s eclecticism and innovation as a musician. Who knew a violin could form a bridge between high-paced rock?

Overall, I really enjoy ‘Goodbye’. This might be because of my love for pop-rock and pop-punk, but KrizRok definitely makes his mark on the genres. Could Kriz be the next Foo Fighters? I’ve a feeling he’ll definitely be rivalling them soon enough.

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