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Track Review: Green Eyes // Towers of London

Towers of London are shocking people left, right and centre. Since being taken under the wing of former Oasis manager Alan McGee, they have shunned their controversial past, and returned with a smoother accessible sound that has not lost its swagger. This is clear on new single ‘Green Eyes’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Super Sounds of K-Town.’
‘Green Eyes’ is a bold and confident track, with its stomping guitar beat and drums demonstrating the fluid musicianship. The polished production works well in their favour, as demonstrated in previous singles ‘Shot in the Dark’ and ‘Superbowl.’ ‘Green Eyes’ shows the bands penchant for Oasis, with Donny Tourette’s vocals even having a hint of Liam Gallagher about them, in particular when he sings: “When those green eyes start to come.”
The chorus is a softer affair, with huge guitars and a piano in the background. It demonstrates their ambition because the instruments are layered up nicely. It is hard not to imagine it being sung in stadiums, however the transition from chorus to verse seems jarring and awkward.
Despite this, the new accessible sound will endear Towers of London to more fans and on ‘Green Eyes’, there is potential for their newfound rock n’ roll to manifest itself into something big.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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