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Track Review: Green Light // North Ship

The collision of two naturally talented musical minds, Denmark-based North Ship is the project of Tom Golzen (guitar and vocals) and Francis Norgaard Jensen (drums). Long-time friends, the lads have known each other for approximately 20 years and have played together several times; however, it is with North Ship that I am introduced to them. Featured on The Wild Honey Pie, Music On The Moon, Unxined, The Other Side Reviews and various other press, the band is turning the heads of people across the globe – pretty cool since they only began North Ship this year. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Green Light’.

Described as “eclectic, curious and deep” by Unxined, North Ship highlight a sense of obscurity in their music. While they can be likened to artists like Nick Cave and David Bowie, the 80s post-punk sound is tinged with a unique psychedelic-rock tone. Recorded and produced with award-winning producer Thomas Li, there is an interesting melodic arrangement with ‘Green Light’ combining synthetic and organic instrumentation. Moreover, the well-crafted layers and texturing add an otherworldly effect adding a hazy ambience in the cinematic soundscape.

Rather mysterious and ethereal, ‘Green Light’ can leave you in a bit of a fog as you listen to it. According to North Ship, the track is “…about trying to psych yourself up to deal with problems”. Yet, while this is a “psyching up” single, I find it more like being on an acid trip without the acid than building up self-confidence. Then again, the melody does seep into your soul and can make you feel quite powerful. Either way, it’s a fantastic tune. Following their single ‘Good and Gone’, the atmospheric ‘Green Light’ shows edginess, attitude and star-studded artistry. I cannot wait for more from North Ship.

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