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Track Review: Greenwood River // Kas Caeda

With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Australian native Kas Caeda has established himself as a singer-songwriter. Well-known as a member of the indie-rock band ALBI, Kas has performed at notable venues and supported artists like Des’ree and You Am I. Now, Kas is embracing a solo project sharing his passionate sound with audiences across the globe. His debut single ‘Greenwood River’ blasted onto the scene earlier this year turning the heads of Amnplify, Australia Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) and iHeart Radio. Come with us as we dip our toes into this intriguing new song.

Alongside his work as a musician, Kas Caeda is a social activist and earth scientist focused on inspiring global leaders to “…take up constructive road maps to make changes happen that will protect the future of our kids from gatekeepers who think that selling it off is ‘appropriate’…” and he uses his music to communicate this desire. Not scared of controversial issues, ‘Greenwood River’ takes listeners on a journey of escapism wanting to escape the grittiness of modern society for a more sophisticated, inspired future.

Filled with hard rock stylings from beginning to end, ‘Greenwood River’ combines dynamic guitars and pounding drums in a hard-hitting melody. What I find intriguing is how the heart-pumping melodic arrangement seems to whip your head around forcing you to pay attention but also has a soothing effect allowing you to float in a sonic river. Kas’ rich vocals have a gruffness to them enhancing the profoundness of the song, yet it also has a warmth soothing any sense of vulnerability.

Produced at 301 Studios with Jason De Wilde, ‘Greenwood River’ is referred to as “a song about a spiritual place to reconnect, to find inspiration or move from the past to the present”. Genuine, authentic and tender, Kas Caeda leads and leaves us with a soul-stirring sentimentality in ‘Greenwood River’.

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