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Track Review: Grow Up // Of The Wild

Likened to artists like Black Pumas and Alice Merton, the Australian duo Of The Wild share a powerful and unique sound with the masses. Alright, it’s true that they only have one song in their discography, but the sophistication and elegance of their music prove their natural talent. Initially formed in 2017 when a mutual acquittance introduced the members to each other, Of The Wild takes the best from Red Shivers (guitar) and harmonically weaves vocalist Mykayla Wild’s tones into a sonic tapestry. Join us as we take a gander at their debut single ‘Grow Up’.

In their debut single ‘Grow Up’, Of The Wild questions why we should grow up and what is growing up? A combination of dynamic guitars melds sublimely with Mykyla’s vocals as she stares into the abyss of becoming an adult. No, not many of us want to grow up, but then again what does growing up entail? Looking at rites of passage and receiving responsibilities, ‘Grow Up’ oozes profoundness by looking at “adulting” in the 21st century. The thing is, while the concept of the song is serious there is a playfulness in the rock-inspired melody.

Toe-tapping and head-bopping, ‘Grow Up’ combines dynamic guitars with soulful vocals. Not necessarily haunting, but with a certain hypnotic quality, the pair drag you through an exposition of moving from childhood to adulthood – basically, growing up. The powerful instrumentation and rushing melody have your heart racing while Mykayla’s voice adds warmth to the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Basically, listeners slip into a sonic whirlwind seeing flashes of light dance before their eyes. Yet, while this jovial song has a playfulness, we must remember that Of The Wild are composing songs with “a solid backbone to them”.

“At the heart of the song…is the question a lot of us know too well: what the heck does it mean to grow up? The expectations from others, the ones we put on ourselves as we age, the “norms” that society expects as we mature and ultimately when we get to these life markers thinking is this it?” – Mykayla Wild on ‘Grow Up’

So, what do I really think about Of The Wild’s debut single? I love it from beginning to end. Sincere, sentimental and tender, ‘Grow Up’ exposes human fragility in a hard rock melody. I can’t wait for more from this exciting duo.

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