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Track Review: gürl // Surrender

Describing themselves as “antipop”, gürl brings together angsty pop and high-powered alternative rock in a sensual and engrossing package. Formed in 2018 (or at least that was when they started releasing music), the trailblazing Bristolian trio are burning their way through the UK indie scene with a unique, distinctive sound. Featured by The Other Side Reviews, The Music Flow, Tap The Feed and Culture Overload, gürl is making waves on both a national and international scale. The latest addition to the group’s discography is the sexy single ‘Surrender’.

“‘Surrender’ tells a story of desperate submission; giving yourself to someone fully and them giving themselves to you. A dangerous kind of love filled with the shallow base yearning of smoky eyes, tipsy confidence and hands running up your back through to an endless, cosmic devotion. Surrendering to someone, totally.” – Joshua Dalton (vocals) on ‘Surrender’

An explicitly sensual song, ‘Surrender’ is a sonic representation of the gritty and almost incomprehensible side of love and life. In the sexy lyricism, gürl unravel obsession, addiction and total human vulnerability; however, it is Joshua’s silky vocals that emphasises a state of fragility but overwhelming desire to submit. Juxtaposing the charming vocals with outstanding instrumentation (including a spectacular guitar solo), gürl finds the delicate balance between dangerous and dainty in ‘Surrender’.

Despite the contrasting softness and roughness of ‘Surrender’, the track remains harmonic and melodic. While reminiscent of Yungblud and Billie Eilish, gürl have a distinctive stamp that they place on every one of their singles. Erotic, emotional, anthemic and worthy of a double-take, the trio can easily ensnare your senses in a beguiling way. ‘Surrender’ is a slap to the face followed by lingering, tantalising kisses and a breath-taking sensation squeezing all of the air out of your lungs…but you love it!

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