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Track Review: Half Brain // Hyooman

Merging elements of indie rock and alternative rock with undertones of grunge, Hyooman brings the sounds of the 90s to the 21st century. Formed in late-2020, the US-based fivesome show originality, authenticity and a laidback style in their music. Oddly enough, frontman Leng Moua had separate relationships with each band member eventually drawing them together in Hyooman. No, we’re not talking about romances here but musical relationships can be as strong sometimes.

As a new band, there is not much information regarding the group, but they are already turning heads on an international scale. Featured in blogs like Clout, The Other Side Reviews, Melodic Noise Media, Cut It Out, Less Than 1000 Followers and Chalkpit Records, they can certainly be considered “ones to watch”. Now, let’s talk about their debut single ‘Half Brain’.

According to the group, ‘Half Brain’ is divided into two conceptual sections that are “sarcastic and self-deprecating”. I find this particularly interesting as the concepts are kept to the lyricism while there is a continuous flow of instrumentation. What I mean is, the combination of guitars has a soothing effect but there is lyrical depth touching on reactions to toxic behaviour – one not caring and one not understanding. I hope that makes sense…

Melodically, there is a harmonic flow melding guitars with a steady drumline nodding to the sounds of Radiohead. Yet, it is not only instrumentation that makes ‘Half Brain’ charming, it is the vocals as well. I’m unsure whether you can call a song with this lyrically depth charming, but the bold, rich and harmonic tones add tenderness to the track. Despite being a debut single, there is a sophistication and maturity in ‘Half Brain’ that plunges you into a calming swirl of sound.

In addition to their single, Half Brain released an official music video. While no strobe effects are used, the video uses rapid image transitions in certain parts. As such, I was unable to view the full video as rapid transitions can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Watch at your own discretion.

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