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Track Review: Happiness Block // Jesse Brady

Charming, quirky and slightly eccentric, Jesse Brady is a singer-songwriter incorporating her poetic flair with musical talent. Writing songs from a young age with her mum, grandfather, anyone really, Jesse built a unique sound for herself. After graduating from Seacrest Country Day School in Florida, she relocated to Tennessee to study at Belmont University learning all about songwriting and audio engineering. Now using her production skills, Jesse tackles music composition using a DIY approach and has been called “the whole package” by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jodi Marr.

While Jesse only has two songs to her name, she has featured in notable publications like Indie Music Center, Buzz Music, FV Music Blog, The Other Side Reviews to name but a few. As I mentioned, Jesse has two songs on Spotify and we’re looking at ‘Happiness Block’.

Following her debut single ‘Transformations’ (read our review here), Jesse’s ‘Happiness Block’ has a quaint folk-pop style. Aptly titled, ‘Happiness Block’ was written at a time when Jesse was “feeling sad, stuck and unsure of how to make a change”; thus, the happiness block. Touching on elements of uncertainty, confusion, anxiety and self-doubt, ‘Happiness Block’ is an intimate exposition of the fragility of the human soul.

Using an acoustic-inspired sound with a simplistic design, Jesse enhances the poignancy of the track with the captivating melody. Yet, while the melody is utterly beguiling, it is the poetic lyricism that really makes the song soul-stirring. Reminiscent of Jodi Mitchell and Joan Baez, Jesse’s personal stream-of-consciousness narrative effortlessly relays the profound message in the song. Compelling and intriguing, ‘Happiness Block’ is an addictive sonic representation of heartache, pain and confusion.

Jesse Brady also released an official music video for ‘Happiness Block’ which can be seen here.

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