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Track Review: Have To Make This Call // POLYDRIVE

Influenced by the likes of Phil Collins, Blink 182, Frank Ocean and Tame Impala, US-based duo POLYDRIVE brings a unique pop sound to the masses. Formed in 2012 by brothers Cam and Cole Tessier, POLYDRIVE already has a strong following, but they are keen to earn more followers with their enthusiastic sound. Featured on notable press like Sinusoidal Music, Our Sound Music and various playlists, the lads are reaching audiences on a global scale. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Have To Make This Call’.

An eclectic blend of genres, ‘Have To Make This Call’ is considered a “fine tune” of POLYDRIVE’s pop sound. The lads explain that they have always been a “bedroom pop bund, but adding subtle punk rock elements to the song calls back to the early-2000s…” Following their track ‘By My Side’, ‘Have To Make This Call’ is a soothing melodic arrangement of strong beats with dynamic synths. The guitar whimsically traverses the synth-based sonic wave while still acting as an anchor in the melody – an innovative arrangement, to be sure.

Infectious, hypnotic and soul-stirring, the smooth ‘Have To Make This Call’ tips listeners into a flowing river of sound surrounded by kaleidoscopic mist. I find this quite apt as the band touches on love, gratitude and appreciation of people in your life. POLYDRIVE explain that ‘Have To Make This Call’ is a thank you to “someone who’s stuck in there with you through thick and thin. The feeling of knowing you could take on anything as long as the people who meant the most to you are by your side.”

Sentimental, sincere, heart-warming and tender, POLYDRIVE knock it out of the park with their track ‘Have To Make This Call’.

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