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Track Review: Heavyman // Loose Lips

Dealing with a lot of band submissions each day can sometimes put your head in a whirl where you hardly tell one from another. Yet, some bands stand out more than others grabbing and holding your attention for days on end. Heavyman is one of these bands.

Hailing from London, UK, Heavyman is a powerful quartet knocking your socks off in a devilishly dramatic way. Together Charlie Yang (lead vocals and guitar), Nick Burns (lead guitar), Igor Fonseca (bass) and Tom Papaloizou (drums) present a gritty but graceful type of alternative rock. Featured in notable press like Kerrang Radio!, The Other Side Reviews, Sounds Good Blog and Soft Sound Press (to name a few), Heavyman is building a strong following with a reputation for energetic, moving and insightful tunes. The third release from the group is ‘Loose Lips’.

As with their previous single ‘Pigs’ – read our review here – the lads use witty lyricism to convey controversial commentary on the sociopolitical status of modern society. Basically, Heavyman is giving their opinion on the state of the nation in a damn fine tune.

While defined as an alternative rock group, ‘Loose Lips’ shows Heavyman’s versatility and innovativeness as a genre-defying group. With an upbeat, lively and buoyant sound, the single seems cheery and ready for a dance floor; however, it is a rather poignant track if you delve deeper into the lyrics.

“It’s a fun song, but if you listen a little deeper the lyrics are pretty dark. It’s more of a laugh at those who lap up new gossip or stories to add to intellectual ego with no real regard for whether the information is factual or not.” – Heavyman on ‘Loose Lips’

Combining hard-hitting guitars, powerful drums and brazen vocals, ‘Loose Lips’ is a force to be reckoned with. What makes this track more enchanting than their previous releases is the blues-tipped melody. Once again, Charlie Yang’s gruff vocals command attention in his distinctive manner. Tongue-in-cheek lyricism with intoxicating vocals, Heavyman is a group that will infiltrate your soul and leave you shuddering but you’ll love every second!

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