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Track Review: Heavyman // Pigs

Considering Heavyman is a brand new band having formed in 2020, the alt-rock quartet is sophisticated, mature and bound to make a splash on an international level. In fact, their single ‘Pigs’, the one we are reviewing here, made its debut on Kerrang! Radio earlier this month. Inspired by classic rock artists Queen, Audioslave and Queens of the Stone Age, Heavyman has a highly dynamic sound with edgy guitars and powerful vocals.

Following the success of their debut single ‘Baby Jean’, Heavyman releases the sophomore ‘Pigs’. Maintaining their guitar-driven melody, ‘Pigs’ is as energetic and forceful as ‘Baby Jean’; however, it seems to be somewhat heavier in its sound and vocals. What I enjoy about this track is the group’s ability to highlight each individual while coming together as a cohesive and charismatic whole. Guitar riffs, strong basslines and steady drumming make ‘Pigs’ not necessarily aggressive, but quite forceful in its melody.

Then we come to the vocals…

Charlie Yang’s vocals are bold, full-bodied and brazen – kinda like one of those vintage wines that you swirl around in an oversized glass before sipping it for a full hour. With an exceptional command of his voice, Yang’s vocals range across several octaves from a steady tenor to falsetto. In other words, he moves from a deep, steady tone to a high-pitched note reminiscent of Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan.

Teetering on the brink of a protest song, ‘Pigs’ was written in 2014 speaking to the constant tug-of-war between the average individual and political powers. Yang describes how he “wanted to explore this almost careless sense of loyalty to whomever may be calling the shots and write a song as a conversation between those who follow and those who lead”. Personally, I think the concept and track is quite relevant to current society and is being released at the best time possible.

Overall, I love the track. Coming from a family that embraces 70s rock, this was a breath of fresh air. Heavyman is a daring group who will carve a niche in the contemporary alt-rock scene with their modern twist to the sounds of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. I just have to say that Heavyman is totally heavy, man.

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