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Track Review: Hell and Back // K4YLEE

Unafraid to share provocative material in a genre-bending way, US-based songstress K4YLEE has an edgy and brash sound. Raised in Texas, one would assume K4YLEE to adopt a submissive and “normal” personae, but she is nothing but that. Using her eclectic styles and innovative attitude, she has been featured across the board in The Other Side Reviews, Buzz Music, Sinusoidal Music, Elite Press, Less Than 1000 Followers, iHeart Radio and many more online radios/playlists. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘Hell and Back’.

Following her hard-hitting single ‘Lies’, ‘Hell and Back’ is a high-paced, ear-splitting melodic metal take on female empowerment. From the outset, the track takes you on a super-fast rollercoaster of sound filled with heavy riffs, catchy choruses and pounding drums – all created to form a kaleidoscopic soundscape. I like to “feel” songs and this track is definitely one to get you headbanging from the first second.

What I find particularly intriguing, beyond the poignant lyricism are K4YLEE’s gruff vocals. A rough tone reminiscent of Lzzy Hale, there is both grittiness and feminity in the dynamic execution. When we think about feminity we assume the stereotypical “Stepford Wives smelling divine in Chanel perfume and Gucci outfits”, but there is another side to the female psyche which K4YLEE has superbly portrayed. K4YLEE shares that ‘Hell and Back’ paints “…a picture of what female angst and rage really feel like…underneath the glamour that society places upon the female experience there is rage and vindication inside that society doesn’t want to shed light upon.”

Without abandon, ‘Hell and Back’ takes on the controversial topic of true female empowerment in the 21st Century. This significant track effortlessly makes people reconsider the state of feminism in contemporary society and, hopefully, makes people sit up and take notice of the situation. I love melodic metal and I can’t wait to see what other anthemic singles K4YLEE has in store.

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