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Track Review: Here To Stay // Abi Mia

We introduced everyone to Abi Mia a couple of weeks ago with our review of her single ‘Enough Is Enough‘, but we just couldn’t keep our eyes off this talented singer-songwriter. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music, YMX, Right Chord Music and several playlists, curators are titillated by Abi Mia’s unique sound. Blasting onto the scene in 2020, Abi Mia is proof that some amazing things can result from deep, dark uncertainty. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Here To Stay’.

Agreeing with Marvel action figure Luke Cage’s motto of “never backward, always forward”, Abi Mia touches on the desire to move beyond one’s past and not recall it at all. Yet, it is said that one’s memories, however wretched, moulds you into the person you are today. In her single ‘Here To Stay’, Abi Mia uses intimate lyricism atop acoustic-inspired instrumentation to engage with a listener on a deeper level.

“…a more personal, intimate and emotional track than my previous releases. It is about how we all have things that have happened to us in the past that we want to forget, but just when we think we have forgotten it comes back into our minds when we least expect it. It is sometimes hard to truly move on from negative things from our past completely – they may always be at the back of our mind but we will try our best!” – Abi Mia on ‘Here To Stay’

A piano-driven track, ‘Here To Stay’ has a soothing tone despite the intensity of the engaging lyricism. The personal narrative showcases Abi Mia’s ability to lose herself in her music and take you along for a heartbreaking journey. A swirl of sound, the rich vocals meld seamlessly with the moving piano building a whimsical soundscape but retaining the raw honesty and depth of content. I have compared Abi Mia’s vocals to Kelly Clarkson, but the dulcet tones with their nostalgic melancholy exceed any Clarkson song I have come across. Abi Mia may be tagged as a folk-pop artist, but her soulful voice and eloquent execution prove there is much more to this artist. She cannot be pigeon-holed.

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