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Track Review: Hide // Temperature Falls

Drawing together elements of trip-hop, alternative rock and indie-pop, Temperature Falls brings an eclectic stance to their unique style. Based in Norway, the Norwegian/British duo use their diverse experiences and cultures to create something experimental. Originally formed in 2018 during a chance meeting between vocalist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian Ward, the project has been a labour of love for a few years now. Can we call this serendipity? Whatever it is, Camilla and Ian have been making music because “…it’s what they feel and love”. Described as “fire and ice at the same time”, each musician pursues an uncompromising creative path while coming together as a united whole. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Hide’.

Following their popular single ‘Would?’, Temperature Falls finds the line between organic and synthetic sounds in ‘Hide’. Synth-laden, the track has a strong electronic sensation; however, the insertion of live guitar and bass within the melodic arrangement highlights their skill in merging the synth side and organic side of music. Moreover, Camilla’s haunting vocals are veiled within a gossamer blanket of synths highlighting their innovativeness and artistry as a duo. I suppose you could describe ‘Hide’ as soothing with its steady beat, but it also carries you along a tumultuous river of sound with well-placed dips and crescendos.

In addition to the intriguing melody, Temperature Falls brings a poignant melancholy to ‘Hide’. Touching on mental health, isolation and anxiety, the pair explore the conceptual soundscape with a touch of intense intimacy. This connection with listeners has depth and reflects the fragility of the human soul as it, according to Temperature Falls, looks at making “…a decision between two ideals, you just want to hide and not make that decision.” This is an issue many of us have had to face regardless of culture, creed, age or nationality, so it really resonates with audiences across the globe.

Perfect for a rave, I think ‘Hide’ would be ideal pumped out to a sold-out stadium or at a festival. You can lose yourself in the track and I hope people enjoy this trippy track as much as I did.

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