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Track Review: High Heels // Amanda Pappalardo

Based in California, Amanda Pappalardo is a singer-songwriter with attitude, pizzazz and a lot of natural talent. Throughout her life, Amanda has performed in various theatrical productions; however, music was not far from her mind and in 2020 she started releasing original music (or at least that’s what is on Spotify). Melding the sounds of Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, Amanda has a unique style nodding to the 80s with a modern-day feel. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘High Heels’.

Following her singles ‘Can’t Help But Fall’ and ‘Inside’, Amanda Pappalardo’s ‘High Heels’ is a classic rock song with a contemporary twist. While having the throatiness of Joan Jett, there is underlying joviality of Paramore. In her gritty, grungy style, Amanda touches on issues of isolation, fear, frustration and inner turmoil in ‘Refuge’. Yet, while the track has a poignant depth, the meaningful lyricism injects hopefulness and optimism.

Combining pounding drums and powerful guitars, ‘Refuge’ creates a head-banging swirl of sound. Add Amanda’s bold, rich vocals and you have a single burning with attitude. Amanda may have the face of an angel, but her brash voice ensures she is no push-over. Instead, the elegant execution of abrasive lyricism endears you to her edgy, “badass” ways. Oddly enough, ‘Refuge’ may have a rough exterior, but it showcases the fragility of the human spirit and how one can pull themselves out of their desperate situations.

“I wanted to capture the emotion of being in a dark place but put a hopeful spin on it. I want people to rock out to this song while being reminded that everything will be ok. I want people to walk away from it feeling hopeful.” – Amanda Pappalardo on ‘High Heels’

The Joan Jett of the 21st century, Amanda Pappalardo smashes into your world winking cheekily with a lobsided smile.

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