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Track Review: Hollow // Harpa

Bringing an edginess to tender ballads with her orchestral rock flair, UK-based Harpa has been described as unique, original and ethereal. With her impressive vocal range and poetic lyricism, the singer-songwriter is captivating hearts with her music. With only one song to her name, she might be considered a newbie in the industry; however, she has already turned the heads of notable press like YMX, Essentially Pop, Clout, RGM and The Other Side Reviews. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Hollow’.

Following her well-received debut single ‘I’ve Been In Love Before’, Harpa adopts a softer sound in ‘Hollow’. Similar to Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’, ‘Hollow’ has a soothing although melancholic melody combining piano, pounding drums and an electric guitar in its beautiful arrangement. Harpa opens with the smooth, tender acoustic-inspired vocals and piano, but by the end, your heart is soaring with the rock edginess she is known for.

Filled with an intimate intensity, ‘Hollow’ has a haunting vibe within its ethereal soundscape. Yet, while Harpa’s vocals do stand out they also meld seamlessly with the instrumentation giving you a chilling musical experience. This is intriguing as it aligns so well with the melancholic message of ‘Hollow’ without being depressing. Harpa explains that ‘Hollow’ is “about the cost of loving with your entire being…the anguish of feeling yourself falling again, knowing the price you will have to pay, and being helplessly unable to stop yourself…it longs for the tranquillity of being unable to love.”

Sentimental, touching and delicate, Harpa elegantly explores human fragility in her sophomore single ‘Hollow’.

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